Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sis

Today is my sister Katie's 39th birthday. I have not spoken to my sister in nearly 9 years. NINE YEARS! It is a long and drawn-out drama, but the jist of it is that my sister did some things 9+ years ago that led to my saying "Enough is enough!". My theory is that there are folks in your life who you want as friends...simply because of the wonderfulness of how those people are. There are others you prefer to have little contact with because they are just not your type or they do hurtful things to others that you just can't understand. This applies to folks who are unrelated as well as those who are related...hence my relationship (or lack thereof) with my little sister.

And it hurts sometimes.

My sister Katie was glamorous, daring, fun, spontaneous, and had the best ESPRIT clothes of any teenager I knew growing up. She was smart as a whip and had a wonderful sense of humor. I still smile when I picture her getting ready for a date. She would be wrapped in a fluffy towel, reeking of Estee Lauder White Linen, and strutting her stuff to Boy George. (Ya gotta love the 80's!) I always admired her quick wit, her long blonde hair, and her big boobs.

Katie is 39 has 4 kids now. And a lovely 2-story house, and an SUV. I suppose she still has the wonderful clothes and the fabulous sense of humor and the great boobs. And, although I have been hurt by many of the things she has done to me and my family, in a small way I want to wish her a Happy Birthday from her big sister who still loves her an awful lot.

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