Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things that make you say "Hmmmmm..."

The other night H phoned me from his place of volunteerment. He volunteers twice a week at a shelter for abused women. His job there is to work with children of the victims while their mothers are attending group therapy. The children benefit by having a positive male figure in their lives, even if just for several hours.

Anyway, H was breathless when I answered the phone, as if he had just run a 100 meter dash.

H: “WTC, can you please look up the number for the emergency vet clinic?”

WTC: “I thought you were working with kids.”

H: “I need you to phone the vet to see if lice will spread to dogs”

WTC: “Lice?” “Like, HEAD lice?”

H: “Yeah” “We need to know if it will spread to dogs”

WTC: “I know it can spread to husbands”

H: “I KNOW” (getting irritated) “But we are really concerned about the therapy dog getting it”

WTC: “I see.”

I have been itchy ever since.


CSE Links said...

Head lice do not transfer to pet.

Have a read here

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet jesus. I'm itchy just reading this.

walktrotcanter said...

Thanks to cse links for the link...where were you when H called??? LOL

hot babe said...

Reminds me of the time my dog had fleas (as a brand new puppy to us- poor little guy). I was convinced they had moved to me. I washed my hair in the flea & tick shampoo I had just used on my dog. Amazingly my itching, whether psychological or real, stopped.